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A Hundred Gourds 1:1 December 2011

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A Hundred Gourds was founded by Lorin Ford, Melinda Hipple, Ron Moss and Ray Rasmussen. The first issue of A Hundred Gourds was published online on December 1st, 2011. Mike Rehling generously hosts the AHG website on his server and has also contributed invaluable technical assistance.

AHG 1.1, December 2011

haiku Haiku Editor – Lorin Ford, Australia

haiku Tanka Editor – H. Gene Murtha, U.S.A.

haiku Haiga Editor – Melinda Hipple, U.S.A.

haiku Haibun Editor – Ray Rasmussen, Canada

haiku Expositions Editor – John McManus, U.K.

haiku Consulting& Contributing Artist – Ron Moss, Australia

haiku Webmasters – Melinda Hipple & Ray Rasmussen