A Hundred Gourds 5:3 June 2016

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A Bit of Ourselves – Haiku by the Gourds Team

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Here We Are

Looking back, I see that A Hundred Gourds was a somewhat ambitious project. The aim was to provide a high quality, English-language, on-line journal which was free of any charges to readers and contributors. Our goals were to publish a broad range of haiku and related Japanese-derived poetry as a service to poets and readers, to provide space for discourses such as essays, book reviews and commentaries on poems and also to feature a variety of articles on subjects of interest by practising members of the worldwide EL haiku+ community.

We think we succeeded, and we did this as a generally like-minded team of voluntary workers: artist, editors, technical consultants and webmasters.

Though there have been necessary limits on the size of each section (arrived at by consensus at the beginning), each editor has been the sole selector for material published in their section and has had the full responsibility of responding to all submissions sent to them. No editor was free to publish their own poems in A Hundred Gourds and each of the team agreed to certain restrictions concerning their submissions to our various editors.

Haiku is what we all have in common, even for those who have extended their practice into renku, haibun, haiga and tanka. It seemed only right to feature a modest selection of haiku by all of us on the A Hundred Gourds team for this, our farewell issue. I asked everyone to choose five to seven of their own haiku, arranged in the order they wished. Our resident artist, Ron Moss, has selected a haiku by each of us to render in the form of his delightful sumi-e paintings.

We all like the idea of leaving this little bit of ourselves with you, our much-valued readers and contributors.

— Lorin Ford, June 2016          

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