A Hundred Gourds 4:4 September 2015

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day moon the dewilded leading the dewilded

space Helen Buckingham – UK
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  day moon losing face

space Helen Buckingham – UK
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the grace period ...
morning moon

space Ken Olson – USA
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an old coconut picker
pinches the moon

space Ken Sawitri – Indonesia
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  on the face of it moon in the rain bucket

space Mark Miller – Australia
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    moonless night
the owl's query echoes
in my dreams

space Joe McKeon –USA
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cold night
only the moon
has no lover

space Emmanuel Jessie Kalusian – Nigeria
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and I

space Christopher Patchel – USA
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    fog in the hollow
the cadence of leaves
dripping on leaves

space Adelaide B. Shaw – USA
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raindrops falling
on the roof
a breath
                   each beat

space Jennifer Sutherland – Australia
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  endless rain
from the old radio
still the same hum

space Maria Tomczak –Poland
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    heavy rain
the constant clatter
of scrabble tiles

space Vera Constantineau – Canada
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rain-battered window
an elk herd shelters
at wood's edge

space Aron Rothstein – USA
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  plucking the pond's surface a swift note

space Peter Newton – USA
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    on the river
countless geese
the narrow road
to the north

space Nola Obee – Canada
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