A Hundred Gourds 4:4 September 2015

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page 8   

keep-box at low tide –
hauling up the deadweight
of live lobsters

space Amanda Bell – Ireland
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  a tiny sand shark –
the child’s breaking news
wrapped in sea-wrack

space Erling Friis-Baastad – Canada
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    the nude beach
Ordovician trilobites
winter summer

space LeRoy Gorman – Canada
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in the reflection
of the wharf
an old man fishing

space Margaret Mahony –Australia
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  breaking at the surface his moment as a fish

space Dave Read – Canada
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    incessant seagulls
I try aligning my breath
with the waves

space Patrick Doerksen – Canada
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hot sand
inside the shell
the ocean’s roar

space Jonas L. Rozario – Bangladesh
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  seaside –
I search for her song
in every shell

space Kumarendra Mallick – India
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    abalone shell
in my hands
the sunset’s afterglow

space Lesley Anne Swanson – USA
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just being the ocean breeze

space Bruce H. Feingold – USA
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  breaching humpbacks –
the island still
rising from the sea

space Allan Burns- USA
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space Marian Olson – USA
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honeymoon cruise
the ripples fold
into each other

space Jayashree Maniyil – Australia
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  blowsy roses
flash mob on Smugglers Road
singing Carmen

space J. Zimmerman – USA
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    afternoon sun
moves across the board –
bishop to d8

space David Grayson – USA
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