A Hundred Gourds 4:4 September 2015

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together at last the sounds of our pre-words

space George Swede – Canada
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  Stillness …
the sound of dawn
hauled in throw nets

space Padma Thampatty – USA
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    without a sound

space Jeff Hoagland – USA
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incense sticks –
everything is still
except the mind

space Harshavardhan Sushant – India
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  some light
just reaching me
Christ on the mountaintop

space S. M. Kozubek – USA
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    looking within –
the sky no longer creased
by the ripples

space Gautam Nadkarni – India
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the weight of silence
among megaliths
pale green lichen

space Pat Tompkins – USA
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  his stuff mostly gone
an Ansel Adams print
of Half Dome

space Deborah P Kolodji – USA
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    after the flood
a new rock
in the quiet glide

space Lew Watts – USA
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zen garden
the pattern left by spaces
between tines

space Alan S. Bridges – USA
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  late in life her rainforest reseeding

space Robert Epstein – USA
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    giant redwoods
my lungs recycling
their history

space George Swede – Canada
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olive trees
a twist of vein
in an old man's thigh

space Alison Williams – UK
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  heritage oak left with his father's secrets

space Julie Warther – USA
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    strangler fig
a firewheel squeezes

space Quendryth Young – Australia
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