A Hundred Gourds 4:1 December 2014

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Gita Chanting

Gita chanting . . .
the birds become
an ellipsis


the scarecrow stands
with a fading smile


a child walks
into the pond
to cup the harvest moon


ripples in the water
break my solitude



watching the sunset
our hands brush together
once, then twice


the ring on his finger
shines bright with promise


she liked her coffee black
like her soul
he should’ve known


a dog hides in a tattered quilt
under the streetlights


perched on needles of ice
an owl and
its kaleidoscope eyes

nayaneeka, vedica and purvi

the evening settles
into a dull stillness



a whistle blows
as the train gathers speed
on a dusty day

maulik, aalisha

your pickup lines
were as cheesy as a pizza


when we kiss
I taste the next
50 years of my life


fireflies dance
to greet the yellow moon


messengers from Indralok
flooding the town
on a stormy night


sitting on the window sill
he has a déjà vu



lights flashing
he struck the last beat


on the double bass
pinwheels whirling
to the sounds of mirth


under a hazy orb
the garden overflows
with camellias

simone and ankita

vanishing footprints
in the melting snow

jhanvi and nayaneeka

A live nijuin written by undergraduates of the Symbiosis School for Liberal Arts, Pune

These students had opted for *Haiku and allied genres like renku, tanka, haibun, and haiga* as an elective in their 4 year degree course. This nijuin was written in four classes of two hours each, from 2nd September to 11th September.

The Contributors:

Kala Ramesh (sabaki) - vs 1
Radhika Mohite – vs 2
Prachi Agrawal –vs 3
Hana Masood –vs 4
Mihir Oak –vs 5
AashimaSafi –vs 6
Purvi Edara –vs 7
Rituparna Singh –vs 8
Nayaneeka Dutta Choudhury & Vedika Bajaj & Purvi Edara –vs 9
Karishma Sawlani –vs 10
Maulik Dabholkar & Aalisha Patil –vs 11
Maulik Dabholkar –vs 12
Nayaneeka Dutta Choudhury –vs 13
Ankita Datta –vs 14
Prachi Agrawal –vs 15
Gaarima Mishra –vs 16
Mihir Oak –vs 17
Ankita Datta –vs 18
Simone Noronha & Ankita Datta –vs 19
Jhanvi Tiwari & Nayaneeka Dutta Choudhury–vs 20

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