A Hundred Gourds 3:2 March 2014

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page 15  

Adelaide B. Shaw - USA


On a gentle curving road of meadows, fields and ponds, there is an empty house with peeling paint and a roof covered with shredded blue tarp. Once, a grand and graceful house with several acres of meadows, woods and fields, a paddock, barns and other outbuildings. A famous house at one time, because of a murder in 1910, which attracted the attention of national newspapers. A novel was written. A movie was made. The children’s nurse was murdered by the coachman while the parents were attending a New Year’s party in Manhattan.

The house has passed from one owner to the next. Perhaps it is the old notoriety which keeps the house from being occupied for very long. Maybe a ghost roams the empty rooms. Maybe someone with enough money will restore it. Maybe it will just crumble into the landscape and be forgotten entirely.

our new house
moving in
with the mice

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