A Hundred Gourds 2:4 September 2013
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page 6    

our first kiss
on this red velvet sofa…
I hear whispers
of a forgotten language
in freshly falling rain

space Lauren Mayhew - USA
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  sleeping together
under the frozen veil
of our universe…
shadows of ancient fire
stretch into our dreams

space Chase Fire – USA
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    dry riverbed
in a flash of lightning –
for the first time
since we touched each other
she talked in her sleep

space Roman Lyakhovetsky - Israel
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some nights
we made love,
slept arm to arm…

brittle eucalypt
unwrapped by the mist

space Sergio Ortiz - Puerto Rico
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  ten years too late
I've translated the Italian
he wrote me that Christmas
I await your presence
in Soave soon…

space Kirsten Cliff - New Zealand
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