A Hundred Gourds 2:4 September 2013
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Nu Quang - USA

Far From the Fields

In the Ellis Island Immigration Museum, I stroll from room to room, enchanted and moved by what I see: pictures of immigrants’ families, the ships they came in and their passing through the inspection process. I also feel deeply by the displays of the sleeping area, luggage and clothing of the Nineteenth Century.

sunlit harbor
the Statue of Liberty’s
everlasting smile

When I enter the college registration office, I finally see my first computer. I’m told the best job openings are in computer science. However, computers are a foreign language to me. As an older adult, I just can’t force myself to learn something I know nothing about, especially in my borrowed tongue. So I decide to go with my heart: to major in English.

Szechuan restaurant . . .
choosing no star
for the spiciness

Richard my college classmate and I like to have long talks at a café over the weekend. One time he tells me about his older brother.
"I remember talking to him on the phone while he was serving in Vietnam." Richard says. "Did he go to the field?"
"No. He worked in an office in Saigon. My mom liked to say, ‘He’s chasing girls there.’" "It seems that your mom didn’t lose much sleep over him."
Richard shrugs.

Vietnam Wall
he pays his tribute
to fellow soldiers

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