A Hundred Gourds 2:3 June 2013
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page 9    

her passing touch
how do I
weigh a thirty-year love
against a moment's pleasure?

spaceAron Rothstein - USA
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  the light
on her back
every curve defined –
sunset falls
across the ranges

spaceMarilyn Humbert - Australia
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    falling snow
spinning in the wind
just as you said
I love you
the streetlights came on

spaceBob Brill - USA
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not an inch
of quilted night between us…
matte black ducati
I'm riding pillion
on the back roads of your dreams

spaceClaire Everett - UK
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  cloudless morning
the frigid air swallows plumes
of white chimney smoke
like children at a carnival
with swirls of cotton candy

spaceDorothy McLaughlin - USA
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