A Hundred Gourds 2:3 June 2013
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page 7    

at the end
of a long, shuffling line
the welfare office
a boy holds his turtle

spaceChen-ou Liu - Canada
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  an old man
in a wheelchair smiles
and bids me good day;
my return wish seems hollow
in the cold winter drizzle

spaceAdelaide B. Shaw - USA
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    the nurse says
he’ll continue to shrink
inch by inch…
a snail still wends his way
down the path to my garden

spaceMargaret Dornaus - USA
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getting dressed
after setting the phone
in its cradle…
life with Dad, between
the first and second sock

spaceKen Slaughter - USA
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  who will cast
the longest shadows
upon my grave…
naked willow branches,
unkempt hair of mourners?

spacePamela A. Babusci - USA
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