A Hundred Gourds 2:3 June 2013
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page 6    

Blossomed apple tree
at grandmother's window –
A star slips
on the edge of a petal
to nowhere

spaceSteliana Voicu - Romania
spacer brush

  outside the window
the shrill of crickets all night…
down his cheek
a single teardrop
tattooed          in blues

spaceRodney Williams - Australia
spacer brush

    wind wakes me
creeps around my bedroom
settles in for the night
       wrapped in my blanket
       i slam shut the window

spacemiriam chaikin - USA
spacer brush

Crêped shadows
in my forearm skin
thank heavens
for the rippling call
of a hermit thrush

spaceJ. Zimmerman - USA
spacer brush

  Were it possible
to find a dragon
flying inside me
I would hunt large game
running on open ground

spaceBruce England - USA
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