A Hundred Gourds 2:1 December 2012
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page 8    

driftwood shaped
by sea and sand
we reveal the effects
of life's blows

spaceLeslie Ihde - USA
spacer brush

  in life’s hourglass
a silent stream of sand falls
on my naked skin
soft kisses of raspberries
or short, sharp shots of arrows

spaceEric G. Müller - USA
spacer brush

    exchanging poems
we sparkle with love
at dawn
the hourglass
fills with tiny diamonds

spaceChen-ou Liu - Canada
spacer brush

haiku and tanka
I dip my brush
into different shades
of a painter’s palette

spaceNu Quang - USA
spacer brush

  what to write
in the face of perfection
                a green bowl
                the artist’s hands, eyes,
                long gone, still alive

spaceMarilyn Hazelton - USA
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