A Hundred Gourds 2:1 December 2012
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page 12   

piano music
from an overturned car –
snow falling

spaceChad Lee Robinson - U.S.A.
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  snowfall …
the steady rhythm
of his pulse

spaceMargaret Dornaus - U.S.A.
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    steady snow
I readjust the tempo
on my metronome

spaceMargaret Dornaus - U.S.A.
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deep winter miracle of flannel

spaceAnn K. Schwader - U.S.A.
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  crackling cold
a fiery sunrise
kindles the snowfield

spaceRafał Zabratyński - Poland
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    heavy eyelids –
winter sunshine fills
the rocking chair

spaceAdelaide B. Shaw - U.S.A.
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50th reunion
a flock of
winter goldfinches

spaceCarolyn Coit Dancy - U.S.A.
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  student reunion
a lump of asbestos taped
in his scrapbook

spaceCynthia Rowe - Australia
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    hospital corners
triangulating my way
into his bed

spaceAutumn N. Hall - U.S.A.
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paper-bark daphne –
my fever breaks
under a crimson quilt

spaceSandra Simpson - New Zealand
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  stepping into
the waiting daylight
a robin speaks first

spaceChad Lee Robinson - U.S.A.
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    silence is his answer
winter-pruned roses

spaceCarolyn Hall - U.S.A.
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the coo
of a mourning dove ...
gentle rain

spaceAndy Burkhart - U.S.A.
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  aching knees
the votive candle
flickers out

spaceQuendryth Young - Australia
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    winter’s end
the snowman
loses his smile

spaceJeff Hoagland - U.S.A.
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