A Hundred Gourds 1:4 September 2012
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page 6    

my deepest fears
live in nightmares –
I keep you
chained in the basement
of my subconscious

spaceStacey Dye – USA
spacer brush

  night deepening ...
family, home, and house
in one Chinese word, Jia,
murmured in my attic room

spaceChen-ou Liu – Canada
spacer brush

    such big steps,
the toddler
with her mother –
China too
so far from home

spaceAngela Leuck – Canada
spacer brush

hungry rats
skitter over broken glass
and the feet
of a homeless man ...
eyes fixed and staring

spaceTracy Davidson – UK
spacer brush

  shadows drift
under the setting sun
the life
of a beggar mingles
with the darkness

spacePravat Kumar Padhy – India


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