A Hundred Gourds 1:4 September 2012
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The Coolness of Petals

a breath of wind…
the coolness of petals
touches warm hands

pink shells echo
with good luck messages

between courses
some parrot imitates
poor father's voice

against her parent’s will
she swoons, says “I do”

seventy-two days…
there remains but
dust and ashes

loud sirens send a warning
to the defenseless

rustling leaves
at the lake’s edge where
deer sip from the moon

a cartful of reeds pushed
across this wooden bridge

three wizened women
all dressed in black frocks
smile and wave

with gusto they discuss
“The Merry Widow"

Spring draws near
and there’s a long list
of things to do

slowly, brick-by-brick
to yesteryears’ song

A shisan renku composed via email;
start March 10 2011: finish 14 April 2012

Barbara A Taylor, Australia
Vasile Moldovan, Romania


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