A Hundred Gourds 1:4 September 2012
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Sheila Sondik - USA

The Blue Briefcase

I was one of the few students who liked Hebrew school. The flame-like letters of the Aleph Bet were keys to a world full of mystery. But most children my age didn't want to spend Tuesday and Thursday afternoons studying an esoteric language with a bearded, ancient-looking instructor.

spitballs flying
blackbirds dot
the power lines

There was much rejoicing in the schoolyard after the last class in June. My father picked me up. We drove home in our usual silence. When we came into the house, I threw my heavy blue plastic briefcase into the air and yelled, "Yay! No more Hebrew school!" It landed with a shockingly loud thud, disgorging its books and papers in front of my startled parents. A stunned silence filled our small house.

early summer
the roses not yet blossoming
with Japanese beetles


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